Valor Medical Service Dogs was founded in 2016 by SFC (Ret) Ernie Rivera After being severely wounded in Iraq, Ernie spent close to one year hospitalized recovering from his wounds after his recovery Ernie lost more of his fellow war veterans to suicide than his multiple combat tours. Ernie waited over 3 years to get paired with a service dog, and spent 7 more months helping to finish training his service dogs training, His Service dog saved his life, with his new lease on life, Ernie spent over 2 years attending training courses and learning the proper way to train medical service dogs. Ernie has spent the last 2 years training and pairing highly trained medical service dogs to Veterans, disabled children and Kids with Autism.
Valor Medical Service dogs provides all the service dogs free of charge, with his professional knowledge and personal experience with a service dog, Unlike most organizations Valor Medical Service dogs does not pay any administrators or officers. We are on pace this year to pair over 18 medical service dogs, next year our goal is to train and pair 30 medical service dogs
Medical Service Dogs are a excellent way to assist veterans and families dealing with disabled children.
Our goal is to provide all of  our medical service dogs free of charge. We only use the most up to date industry proven techniques.

Veterans Service Dogs
Autism Assistance Dogs
Diabetic Alarm Dogs
Service Dogs
Medical Service Dogs
Emotional Support Dogs
Therapy dogs

All of our training is provided by a professional industry trained Dog Trainer and Certified Service Dog Trainer. We also breed and train German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Standard Poodles and Doodles all of our dogs have been screened and hand-picked to excel from being a family pet to Medical Service dogs.
All our trainers have received industry leading education and keep up to date on all aspects of dog training.

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